Women’s Compression Sports Tops

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 Compression Sports Tops

Integral forming & seamless technology.
Light, fast-dry and fit.
Great comfort in motion.

Breathable mesh on the back,
core support with slide-proof.
Removable bra pads for easy cleaning.


Integral Forming

Seamless construction,
high-density, no-slip and perfect fit.

Romovable Pads

Removable soft bra pad,
easy to clean and size-changing.

Perfect Support

Reduce vibration and bouncing,
enhance performance.


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Tough, durable and lightweight.
Prevent electrostatics.

lycra icon

Stretchable and durable.
Fit comfortably and last longer.

elastomeric icon

Elastic and flexible.
Resist attrition and fatigue.


Size S/M | L/XL
Style Sports Bra | Sports Tank
Color Black | Pink
Material Nylon 92%, Elastomeric 8%
Using Environment Best for indoor and outdoor activities like running, cycling, marathon, workout and climbing.

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