Far Infrared Compression Calf Sleeves

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Far Infrared Compression Calf

Enhanced calf warping system.
Reduce vibration, improve performance.

Promotes blood circulation,
provides steadiness, power and endurance.
Best for exercise, long standing or walking.

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3D X Support

Steadiness while exercising.
Improve performance.

Far Infrared

Far infrared powder
keeps warmth and improve circulation.

Highly Suitable

Indoor / Outdoor.
Always suitable and comfortable.


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Tough, durable and lightweight.
Prevent electrostatics.

lycra icon

Stretchable and durable,
fit comfortably and last longer.

elastomeric icon

Elastic and flexible.
Resist attrition and fatigue.


Size S | M | L
Color Black
Material Nylon 75%, Lycra 25%
Using Environment Great for all exercises and daily activities.

Size Chart

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