Women’s Stretch Compression Tights

Compression Tights with high elasticity and Integral Forming

Designed for humidity weather in Asia.
It is light, thin and also breathes!
Integral Forming will let the comfort embrace you.
Maximize your performance and run like the wind.


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womens compression tights info

women's compression tights infoIntegral Forming

Just made for you, reduce friction and increase speed!

women's compression tights infoSilm Body Figure

Pefect Fit for Different Body Type

women's compression tights infoComfort Cladding

Stablize your muscle to reduce muscle vibration and sports injuries.


mens compression tights infoEnhanced Protection

✔ Higher waistband, more stability
✔ Compress your belly and shape you up

mens compression tights infoProgressive Compression

✔ Feeling Physically Lighter

mens compression tights info3D X Support

Keep you Steady while exercising.Improve performance.

High density with 3D design

Continuous Compression


Keeps you safe in night-time sport

mens compression tights-knee info

Enhanced Protection

Dual layer pad, protect your knee


Invisible Pocket

Locate at inner rear waistband

Recommend Sports

Initiate Sports Power

Before Exercise

Outstanding support,
optimize each warm up,
avoid injury and make you ready for exercise.

During Exercise

Reduce muscle vibration and increase efficiency.

After Exercise

The compression will reduce muscle sore.

Daily Basis

Suitable and  stylish, good for sports and casual wearing.

High-Tech Material


Made by Profession

Good ventilation and fast evaporation.
No heat build up as regular Compression Wear


elastomeric icon

Elastic and flexible fabric.
Super stretchy, fatigue resistant.

nylon icon

Elastic and flexible fabric.
Super stretchy, fatigue resistant.

taiwan icon
Made In Taiwan

Certification of MIT.
Safe, healthy and reliable.

3 types of Dynamic Shapes







Men’s Stretch Compression Tights

Excellent compression and let you run like the wind.



Size S | M | L
Color Black | Pink | Green
Materials Nylon 82%, Spandex 18%
Usage Best for indoor and outdoor activities like running, yoga, marathon, workout, climbing, daily work and even shopping.
Causion 1. Please avoid sharp objects and pointy nail to poke or scratch the tights, otherwise the tights could be damaged and affect functionality.
2. This product is not for medical purpose and has no medical effects; if you have Peripheral neuropathy or cardiovascular disease, please consult with doctor.
3. Recommend for the first time wearer, please do not wear more than 8 hours, and do not wear during sleep.

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