Men’s Heart Rate Short Sleeve

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Heart Rate Short Sleeve

Stretch airflow mesh design
Designed with your performance and comfort in mind

Heart Rate Monitor / without Heart Rate Monitor types
Muscle mapping provide high support,
anti-friction and moisture-wicking.

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Micro Mesh Structure

High moisture absorbing and soft fabric.
Placed at rear neck and armpits,
effectively reduce the sticky feeling when working out.

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3D Airflow Mesh

Improve airflow and core support.
3D streamline at the side.
Sleek body figure with great ventilation.

Heart Rate Monitor Band
All New

50% thickness reduced.
Better, lighter and more efficient!

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Integral Forming

Seamless cooling yarn.
Ice cool, quick dry and perfect fit.

Electrode Fabric

Patented elastic electrode,
track heart rate with comfort.


Airflow weaving technology,
Sweat absorbing 99% UP!

Highly Suitable

Indoor / Outdoor
Always suitable and comfortable.


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Tough, durable and light-weight,
prevent electrostatics and pilling.

elastomeric icon

Elastic and flexible fabric.
Super stretchy, fatigue resistant.

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Silver Fiber

Anti-bacterial, anti-odor.
Promote blood circulation.


Size S/M | L/XL
Color Black
Materials With Heart Rate: Nylon 89%, Spandex 10%, Silver 1% | Without Heart Rate: Nylon 90%, Spandex 10%
Using Enviroment Best for indoor and outdoor activities like running, cycling, marathon, workout and climbing.
Notice 1. People with sensitive skin / doing any activities for long period of time at once (i.e. marathon or running over 8 km), please consider using anti-friction cream or Vaseline to prevent injury.
2. This functional clothing is using special weaving, please be careful when put on the clothes to prevent deformation and damage.
3. This clothes with large mesh seamless structure , please using laundry net when washing in order to avoid pulling with other clothing, may resulting in ruptured.
washing advise

Basic Trouble Shooting Steps

➤ Please make sure the sensor strap is loacated right onup your heart

➤ If the heartbeat is undetectable, test again the area with a dip of water.

➤ If not detected after wetting, Turn off the mobile device or watch, and pair again.

➤ Still unable to measure, or if there is an error in use, make sure that your transmitter is in close contact with the sensing button.

(Not recommended with: Polar, Suunto transmitter)

➤ Verified that your electrode strap fits snugly against the ribs in the absence of motion, rather than just a small portion of the electrode against the lower chest.

➤ When the battery of transmitter is low, it may cause variations in heart rate. Make sure the transmitter is fully charged before use.


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Recommended Sports Strength➤ Mid


Exercise walking


Weight Traning


Cardio exercise

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